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Myanmar Fonts - Zawgyi Font, Pyi Daung Su, Myanmar 3 Download

This page is all about Myanmar fonts. You can download Myanmar fonts on this page including Zawgyi font, Zawgyi keyboard and Myanmar Unicode font. There are lots of Myanmar fonts available for free. One of the most popular fonts was Zawgyi font.It was called Zawgyi One font. Other popular and free Myanmar fonts are Pyidaungsu Font, Myanmar 3 Font and Myanmar Padauk Font.

Zawgyi One is a non-standard Myanmar unicode font but it helped Myanmar internet users for over 10 years with writing and reading on the internet. But later on, Myanmar font users and developers noticed some issues with storing, searching and sorting with Burmese fonts and invented more Burmese fonts for use on the internet while approaching the unicode standard gradually. These fonts include Myanmar 2 Font, Myanmar 3 font, Myanmar Padauk font and much more.

After that, with the help of Myanmar State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Pyi Daung Su font is set as a standard Myanmar unicode font to use on the internet and in Government offices. You can download all those Myanmar fonts on this page.

Myanmar Font Download

Pyidaungsu Font Download

The standard Myanmar unicode font.

Pyidaungsu Regular Pyidaungsu Bold Pyidaungsu Numbers

Myanmar 3 Font Download

This was the standard Myanmar font for a period of time but Pyidaungsu font is it's successor.

Myanmar 3 2018 (Updated Version) Myanmar 3 Multi OS (Old Version)

Zawgyi Font Download

This is a non-standard Myanmar Unicode font but it was widely used for over a decade. It was hard to replace this font due to it's user experience and ease of install and use.

Zawgyi-One Font